LAX to spend $4 billion on capital improvements. But what does that buy?

Los Angeles International Airport officials want to spend roughly $4 billion on capital improvements starting in fiscal year 2014 and lasting until fiscal year 2018.

What does all that money buy?

Los Angeles World Airports published a list last week, tucked inside a report to the Board of Airport Commissioners. The largest chunk of money (almost $2.5 billion) is going to improve terminals — everything from restroom upgrades to passenger boarding bridges. Other money will go to runway and taxilane improvements.

We’ve long known Southwest and Delta are getting terminal face-lifts. But It appears United Airlines is also getting some sort of terminal renovation. To my knowledge, nothing has been announced yet. But it’s there on the list. So you read it here first.

Want to the whole list LAX capital improvements?

Click below to see the full list  as detailed in the report.  (Warning, there’s some airport jargon here.) Keep in mind airport improvements are paid for using federal grants, passenger facility charges levied on tickets, airport bonds and airport revenue,  — not state or city taxes.

AIRSIDE ($907 million)

  • Aircraft Parking Position at Imperial Terminal
  • Air Operafions Area (ADA) Perimeter Fence Phase 4
  • Core Renovation / East Ramp and Concourse Demolition
  • Midfield Satellite Concourse – North (Airside)
  • Noise Mitigation Program
  • Rehabilitate Airfield Electrical Systems
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway B between Taxiways T and C6
  • Rehabilitate Terminal Taxilanes and Aprons
  • Runway 6L-24R Runway Safety Area (RSA) Improvements and Rehabilitation
  • Runway 6R-24L Runway Safety Area (RSA) Improvements and Rehabilitation
  • Runway 7L-25R & Taxiway B East End Rehabilitation
  • Runway 7L-25R Runway Safety Area (RSA) Improvements
  • Runway 7R-25L Repair / Rehabilitation
  • Terminal Renovation Project – Terminal 1 Airfield Apron (Southwest Airlines)
  • Taxilane S
  • Taxilane T Program
  • West Aircraft Maintenance Area (WAMA)
  • Capital Renewal Allowance *

LANDSIDE ($302 million)

  • Bradley West Traffic Mitigations
  • Central Terminal Area (CTA) Exterior Pedestrian Wayfinding and Signage Project
  • Coastal Dunes Improvement Project
  • Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) Facility (design only)
  • Jenny Lot Site Modifications
  • Landside Accessibility Improvements, Phases 1 & 2
  • Miscellaneous Demolition Projects
  • New Face of the Central Terminal Area (CTA), Phases 1 & 2
  • Parking Structure Improvements
  • Second Level Roadway Expansion Joint and Deck Repairs
  • Seismic Improvements (Landside Buildings)
  • Single Level Busing (Landside Only)
  • Skyview (Acquisition)
  • Transportation Improvements
  • Capital Renewal Allowance *

TERMINALS ($2.447 billion)

  • Bradley West Core Improvements
  • Bradley West Gates
  • Bradley West Outbound Baggage
  • Concession Enabling Project – Terminals 4, 5, 7, & 8
  • Core Renovation / East Ramp and Concourse Demolition
  • Elevator / Escalator Replacement
  • Elevators, Additional Capacity
  • Federal Inspection Services (FIS) Improvements – Terminals 6 & 7
  • Fire & Life Safety – Terminals 1 and 2
  • Information Technology Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE) & IT Room Expansion – Terminals 1-8
  • Midfield Satellite Concourse – North (Terminals)
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges, Phases 1 & 2
  • Pedestrian Bridge Improvements
  • Terminal 3 Backfill
  • Terminal 3 Connector Project
  • Terminal 3 Restroom Improvements
  • Terminal 4 Connector Project
  • Terminal 5 Restroom Improvements
  • Terminal 6 Electrical Upgrades
  • Terminal 6 Restroom Improvements
  • Terminal 6 Signage and Wayfinding
  • Terminal 6 Standby Power
  • Terminal 7 Restroom Improvements
  • Terminal Commercial Management – Terminals 1-3, 6, Bradley International, & Theme Building
  • Terminal Renovation Project – Terminal 1 (Southwest Airlines)
  • Terminal Renovation Project – Terminal 2
  • Terminal Renovation Project – Terminal 5 (Delta Airlines)
  • Terminal Renovation Project – Terminals 6, 7, & 8 (United Airlines)
  • Tunnel Sprinkler & Compartmentalization Improvements
  • Visual & Auditory Paging
  • Capital Renewal Allowance *

IT, Safety/Security & Utilities ($291 million)

  • Access Control & Alarm Monitoring System (ACAMS) for Baggage Handling Systems
  • Central Utility Plant (CUP) Replacement
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTO System & Camera Coverage Enhancement
  • Document Management System
  • Electrical Network Station
  • Electrical, Communications and Water Ufility Extension – 5th Feeder Project
  • Facifity Management System – Maximo
  • Joint Information Center (JIC)
  • K-9 Training Facility
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) Phase 1 (West)
  • Public Safety Building
  • Remodel Airport Police Dispatch
  • Replace Water Mains around Imperial Cargo Complex
  • Secured Area Access Post (SAAP) and Vehicle Checkpoint Improvements Project
  • Security Badge Office Enhancement
  • Capital Renewal Allowance *
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  • James Fujita

    LAX needs renovation. But I don’t see peoplemover on the list. The only thing that might qualify is “transportation improvements.”

    Considering that Metro is moving forward on the Crenshaw Line to LAX, you would think that LAX would be moving forward to link up with light rail.

    • Brian Sumers

      Hi James, I believe that the People Mover is more of a long-term project for LAX. I don’t think any ground breaking is imminent.

  • Hampton Inn Ft Lauderdale

    nice article………….