We have a winner in the first “name that interior” competition


Earlier this week, I asked if any of you could name the airline whose cabin interior is picture above.

I’m impressed with my readers. Two of them guessed correctly.

The answer is Fiji Airways, which, until this month when it changed its name, was known as Air Pacific. With eight planes and a hub at Nadi International Airport, the airline flies to 15 cities, including Los Angeles, Auckland and Hong Kong. I believe the goal of the name change was to help customers understand to where the carrier flies. Air Pacific was a bit vague.

Amol, who tweets as @PointsToPointB, was first guess correctly. He wins a Boeing 747 bag tag.

We’ll be doing this feature fairly often, so check back soon for another installment of name that interior.

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  • Alvin Tse

    Well…it’s way too obvious to be a competition, agreed or not?