Ooops: American Airlines 777-300 hits another plane at New York’s JFK Airport uncovered this great photo of an American 777-300 making contact with a 757 at JFK. uncovered this great photo of an American 777-300 making contact with a 737’s wingtip at JFK.

On Monday, I wrote about the extra care American Airlines uses with its 777-300 at LAX. Aircraft are huge investments, and airlines want to everything they can keep planes from getting damaged.

Today comes word that an American 777-300 taxied into another plane in New York. Ooops.

Our friends at NYC Aviation report that an American 777-300 at JFK hit what papers to be a 757’s wingtip. NYC Aviation was able to get American to confirm the incident occurred. The airline representative said no one was on board. NYC Aviation¬†also found a nice photo.¬†According to NYCAviation, the issue might have been caused by a mechanic’s mistake.

At LAX, American’s Managing Director Jeff Plant told me the airline uses only one gate for its extra-long 777-300, which is tucked as close to the terminal as possible. The idea is to ensure no plane has to pass the 777-300 in the alleyway. American has also worked out a deal with LAX to ensure that only certain types of planes — 767 and smaller — are parked across from the 777-300. Also at LAX, American is pushing the plane “tail out” all the way to the taxiway. Plant told me that’s a slightly less risky way to move the plane.

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