Asiana Flight 214: Some of the best news stories from Sunday and Monday

I was off the grid for a few days, and, given my beat, that turned out to be a bad thing. But when I returned to civilization, I was impressed by the breadth and depth of much of the coverage of Asiana Flight 214. Some of it, of course, has been uninformed. But most of it – especially from the knowledgable bloggers and reporter who regularly cover the industry, has been pretty good.

I wanted to highlight some particularly strong stories here on the blog.

Terror on Jet in San Francisco: Seeing Water, Not Runway via The New York Times

Asiana attendant describes dramatic evacuation from the Associated Press.

Asiana plane was far below target speed before San Francisco crash from Reuters

Why the San Francisco Plane Crash Wasn’t More Deadly via the Wall Street Journal

NTSB: Jet was traveling below target speed before crash via USA Today

Asiana Flight 214 attendants lauded as ‘heroes’ via USA Today. As someone who recently flew Asiana, I should say I am not surprised by this. The flight attendants I met on my travels were unusually professional and appeared to be extremely well trained.

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