Los Angeles World Airport may hike film production fees

Considering the number of films and TV show shot in Los Angeles, you’d think the operator of three of the region’s airports would be making big money off of film production.

But that does not appear to be the case. Data shared Tuesday with the Los Angeles Airport Commission shows Los Angeles World Airports, which runs LAX, Ontario International Airport and Van Nuys Airport, has recovered only about $3 million in fees during the past three and a half years.

LAWA has been waiving permit fees since 2006, which is part of the reason the amount is relatively low.  But the airport authority still recovers fees for things like facility rental and trailer parking. At Ontario, it even rents out a Boeing 727 airframe for filming. According to the airport operator, most fees have not risen in almost 20 years.

The report suggests LAWA staff is considering raising fees for most productions. Under the proposal, the fee for filming inside most facilities would rise from $50 per day to $400 per day. The fee for filming on airport ramps would rise from $300 per day to $400 per day.

Here is what LAWA has recovered in filming fees at each of its airports in the past four fiscal years:

Airport    2010            2011           2012               2013 (Through Feb.) 
LAX         $315,659     $385,450    $118,830        $109,774
ONT        $136,554     $651,201    $499,468        $516,943
VNY         $119,017     $145,200    $80,400          $34,846.60

Total $3,113,348.00

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