In May, seven LAX flights were chronically delayed

If May’s data is any indication, you might want to avoid certain airline flight.

The U.S. Department of Transportation published a list this week of 170 flights that arrived 30 or more minutes late at least half the time in May.

The worst offender? A Go! flight operated by Mesa Airlines from Honolulu to Kona. It was at least 30 minutes late 80 percent of the time in May. The average delay was 69 minutes.

I was surprised to find some Southern California flights on the list, as our airport operations here are generally efficient. Here are the flights — all involved LAX — that made DOT list. (For this grouping, only 30 minute and greater delays are considered)

Carrier         Flight   Origin-Dest   Dept. time  % late flts Avg. Delay 
Southwest   3225       SJC-LAX         2000             60%          77 min.
Frontier        419         DEN-LAX         2055             55%          141
Southwest   1345       LAX-LAS          2145             55%            75
Southwest    655        SFO-LAX         1355             55%            60
Southwest    1345      SFO-LAX         1955             55%            72
American      2467      DFW-LAX        1715             52%            98
American      231        MIA-LAX            1800            52%            65

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