Parody United Airlines twitter account mocks social media outreach

Here’s one for anyone who thinks airline customer service – especially on United Airlines – leaves something to be desired.

Someone created a parody Twitter account called @unitedairlanes. Basically, the person responds to complaints people intended to tweet to United Airlines. The airline’s main twitter account is @united.

It’s not clear why people would send complaints to @unitedairlanes. But, hey, frustrated travelers are usually tired. So we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

The fake account has tripled its Twitter followers in the last day, and it looks like most of the people now know it’s a parody. But some earlier Tweets suggest people really thought it was the real deal.

The purported owner of the faux account wrote about it earlier this week on Tumblr, where he’s known as LeonsBuddyDave.

“Found out last night that for months, angry customers have been tweeting at my fake parody airline account, United Airlanes, to bitch about their experiences with United Airlines,” he wrote. “God has given me a great, beautiful funnel through which angry people flow in the worst possible mood.”

Here’s one of his better interactions. (I’m pretty sure Bruna Payne was not in on the joke.)


And here’s one more interchange:

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  • sayinjustsayin

    If you’re going to use Twitter as a source for your blog articles, the polite thing to do is include a HT and the source’s name at the end of your post. Just sayin’…

    • Brian Sumers

      Hey, sayinjustsayin. Thanks for the advice! Have a great weekend.