What do flight attendants do when they’re not working?

Earlier this week, I wrote about flight attendant and best selling author Heather Poole, who shares the minutiae of her career daily with about 90,000 Twitter followers.

But Poole is not the only flight attendant with a robust online following. I was recently introduced to Kara Mulder, a Hawaii-based flight attendant and the brains behind a well designed website called The Flight Attendant Life. She aims to show people what flight attendants do when they’re not at work. (From what I can tell, the non-work lives of flight attendants are not all that different from anyone else’s. But, hey, they get to fly for a living.)

Curious about what a layover looks like when you work for a U.S.-based budget airline? Mulder is happy to fill you in. 

And of course there is the gem of a picture, which she calls, “Flight Attendant Planking.” Looks fun enough.

flight attendants

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