The week’s best aviation stories

The inimitable Cranky Flier breaks down Delta’s new strategy in Los Angeles, saying the carrier is happy to be No. 3 here in traffic but wants to raise its profile to attract new high-yield customers. 

Southwest is no longer the driver of low fares across the industry that it once was, writes Charisse Jones of USA Today.

What’s next for American and US Airways if the merger does not go through? The AP’s David Koenig fills us in.

Japanese carriers JAL and ANA are locked in a fierce battle over 20 slots at Tokyo Haneda Airport, which is considerably closer to downtown than Narita Airport, Reuters reports.

In one of the best stories about the US Airways/American merger anti-trust lawsuit, the New York Times breaks down some of the legal issues in the case. The idea that the airlines would win in court is no slam dunk, legal experts say.  That could be where the case is headed if it does not settle.

American is doing all it can to promote the fact that it is adding a new plane – the A319 – to its fleet. The airline invited media to Dallas last week to see it. Gary Leff, who writes the blog, View from the Wing, has pictures. 

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