United Express airlines will add four seats to some regional aircraft

United Airlines – or more specifically its contracted flying partners – are adding four seats to a regional jet regularly used to connect with Los Angeles with small- to medium-sized cities in the Western United States.

According to a post by a United employee on the website, Flyertalk, United is asking its United Express partners to add four seats to the CR7 aircraft, giving it 70 seats in total. The airplane is flown locally by Skywest Airlines, and destinations include Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas and San Antonio.

United official Aaron Goldberg wrote that the regional carriers will make the change mostly by dropping the number of extra leg room Economy Plus seats from 32 to 16. The regional airlines will keep its six first class seats.

Having heard a rumor about this a couple of weeks ago, I asked United’s public relations department about it, but officials declined to comment to me.

Skywest also flies CR7s from Los Angeles for Delta Connection. Those planes are configured with only 65 seats, but they have three more first class seats than the ones flying for United.

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