Which airplane seat looks most comfortable to you?


Airbus brought a mock-up of an A320 interior to an Anaheim, Calif. trade show last week. Photo by staff photographer Stephen Carr.

I mentioned in a post last week that Airbus’s A320 airplanes are 7 inches wider than the comparable Boeing 737. That means Airbus customers can install seats that are 1-inch wider than on Boeing 737s. Not all airlines actually put in wider seats, for reasons I detailed last week, but at least they have the option.

Airbus is darn proud of this fact. So proud that they brought a mock-up of an A320 to a trade show last week in Anaheim. The seats above may look the same, but Airbus is actually trying to show why its setup is better. On the right, in orange, are 18-inch wide Airbus seats. On the left, in brown, are 17-inch Boeing seats.

Which one looks more comfortable to you?

Also, note the flooring. Apparently that’s an option for carriers, though I have never actually seen it in the air. In Airbus lingo it’s call “non-textile floor.” Have you ever seen it?

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