Did you know elephants may have once roamed LAX?

One of the great things about California are laws that require anyone seeking to build a major structure here to analyze a host of environmental and historical factors before construction begins.

It is as a result of one of these reports that I have learned elephants once roamed the area on which the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport now exists. “These remains were recovered approximately 25 feet below the modern ground surface,” a report reads. Within 2 miles, experts have also found evidence of mammoth, horse, bison and speckled sanddab, according to the report.

In this case, it does not appear that the discovery of these remains has influenced any airport operations or building projects.

There is more good news, with respect to the new Midfield Concourse airport officials hope to build, to the west of the current international terminal. The report suggests that there are no “Native American sacred sites or human remains within the project property.”

Want to read one of these Cultural Assessment Reports for yourself? Here’s a link to one, studying a Midfield Concourse that is on the airport’s wish list. 

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