Do know who has the right-of-way when driving on an airfield?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive on an airport tarmac? It’s complicated stuff, as I witnessed recently at Los Angeles International Airport, where I rode around the airfield with an airport executive.

There are unique rules on the airfield, especially when it comes to right-of-way. According to these rules, airplanes always get to go first. Pretty much no matter what.

Read on to see the rules at LAX, as published on the airport operator’s website:

a. All vehicles operated in or upon the AOA shall yield the right-of-way as
i. Aircraft which are being taxied, towed or otherwise moved,
including their towing and guiding vehicles.
ii. Emergency equipment responding to an emergency (i.e. Aircraft
Rescue and Firefighting, LAX Airport Operations and Airport Police
vehicles displaying a rotating red beacon).
iii. Airport busses operating on taxiways and displaying a rotating
yellow beacon.
iv. Vehicles operating on roadways take precedence over all other
traffic in adjacent areas, i.e. leaseholds, aircraft parking and
loading ramps, equipment parking areas.

v. At road intersections or junctions and in all other areas, the right
before left principle shall apply, unless prescribed otherwise by
traffic signs.

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