United Airlines to drop flights between LAX and Inyokern

These stories are generally more important in smaller communities than for Angelenos, but Los Angeles will lose its only flights to Inyokern, Calif. early next month, according to a news report.

The Daily Independent reports that United Express will drop its flights after Nov. 4, leaving the airport without commercial service. Inyokern is located about 90 miles east of Bakersfield.

The service was accommodating only about 350-400 passengers per month, the airport director told the newspaper.

“We made the decision due to performance,” Mary Clark, a spokesperson for United, told the Daily Independent. “Services did not meet our expectations.”

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  • Lorinda

    Last I checked, the fare from LA to Inyokern, a 45 minute flight, was $600. The only reason they’ve had any passengers at all is because the government was footing the bill directly or indirectly. Stupid move on their part. A smarter move would be to lower their fares.