Ethiad Airways, flag carrier of Abu Dhabi, to serve LAX

Ethiad Airways, the 10-year-old airline based in Abu Dhabi, will soon begin service to Los Angeles International Airport, an airport source told me recently.

The source wouldn’t go on the record, so I decided to hold the news. But the nugget is also buried in a New York Times article published Saturday about the airline. It says Los Angeles will be the fourth U.S. destination for Ethiad – after New York, Chicago and Washington.

Ethiad is a fast-growing carrier owned entirely by the government of Abu Dhabi, part of the Untied Arab Emirates. Like other carriers in the region — Emirates and Qatar — the airline is known for an emphasis on luxury, especially in premium cabins.

According to the airline’s website, it has a fleet of 65 planes. It consists of Airbus 319s and A320s, Airbus A330s, Airbus A340s and Boeing 777s. It has 787s and A380s on order.

This is a fairly big ‘get’ for the Los Angeles World Airports team. Ethiad is a solid, well respected and growing carrier. And while there may not be all that many people from Los Angeles going to Abu Dhabi, you have to remember that Ethiad can take passengers just about everywhere in the world from its hub. Geographically, it turns out, the Middle East is just about the best place to put an airline hub.

According to the Times story, Ethiad serves 94 destinations in 45 countries.

Ethiad is not in a major airline alliance, but in the United States, it is partners with American Airlines, which operates a hub at LAX.

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