Silvercar, which rents only Audi A4s, is coming to LAX

I’m a big fan, at least in theory, of a new car rental company operating near Los Angeles International Airport that offers only one type of car: A silver Audi A4.

It’s called – you guessed it – Silvercar and it will start renting cars on November 4. The company is already operating in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Francisco.

Besides the fact that Audis are cool cars, my favorite part about the company is that fact that you don’t have to interact with clerks if you don’t want to. Everything, including opening and starting the car, can be done via a mobile phone. It’s similar to ZipCar in this way. (I’m obsessed with efficiency.)

Silvercar is charging $89 a day on weekdays and $59 on weekends, and cars are equipped with Internet, SiriusXM satellite radio and a GPS navigation system.

Has anyone rented from this company? Is it a good experience?

Want more information? Check out the recent story I wrote about Silvercar.

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