LAX Source: Jet blast from A380 blows over some cargo containers

UPDATE: LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles confirmed the incident said a luggage cart toppled over. ““We were fortunate this incident occurred only once and that we were able to do quickly develop a workaround solution to this problem in the future,” Castles said. “There was no damage to aircraft or people.”

Earlier this month, jet blast from Airbus A380 taxiing near the Tom Bradley International Airport blew over several cargo containers, an aviation source told L.A. Airspace.

The incident was relatively minor, the source said, but the Federal Aviation Administration is nonetheless changing its procedures at LAX.

The problem is at Gate 156 on the South Concourse of the new building, which opened on Sept. 18. When A380s taxi near that gate, they are capable of creating so much air that it can actually move ground equipment. In some instances of jet blast, exhaust blast can even move airplanes.

I asked FAA spokeswoman Ian Gregor about the Gate 156 problem, and he confirmed that controllers are using a workaround. He’s what he said:

The new TBIT Gate 156 experienced jet blast when an A380 on Taxiway S made a right turn on Taxiway C while taxiing out for departure on Runway 25L. As a result, we are no longer turning A380s right onto Taxiway C from Taxiway S. Now, we move them north on Taxiway S, west on Taxiway D and south on Taxiway R.

Curious about the power of jet blast? Watch this video.

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