Qatar Airways passengers can bring service dogs and falcons on board


A friend mine this morning sent me this gem from the Qatar Airways website.

You may have to click on the screen shot to read it, but it asks whether passengers can bring pets into the cabin.

The answer: “No. With the exceptions of falcons and service dogs travelling on specific routes, no animals are allowed in the cabin.”

There is surely a reason Falcons are allowed. Does anyone know it?


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  • Mark Johnson

    From my understanding Falconry is very popular in the Middle East and most falcons are of the highest quality and expense. Customers will take their falcons on vacation and utilize locations for falconry as part of their holiday. I have even heard of instances where wealthy individuals have chartered wide bodies to move hundreds of falcons in the cabin for a trip to their holiday estate.

    • Brian Sumers

      This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mark Johnson


    I also found this on the internet. Link is from Business Insider and breaks down costs and allowances for falcons on Etihad.
    Again, I heard many of these falcons can cost upwards of 6 figures. So they would not want them in the cargo area.