United Airlines flight attendants in California share lawsuit settlement

More than 4,000 United Airlines flight attendants based in California are sharing about $1 million, minus legal fees, as part of a settlement in which employees alleged relatively minor violations of the state’s Labor Code.

California has strict laws about when and how employees should be paid, and they can trip companies up, even if all employees received their full wages. The law, for example, requires that employees receive a  specific and detailed accounting of pay and deductions.

United flight attendants working in California between Oct. 4, 2010 and Feb. 19, 2013 are eligible to recover money. For more on the settlement, which I learned of from the Association of Flight Attendants website, read this article from Law360.com. 

Here’s a statement from United spokeswoman Jennifer Dohm:

It was alleged that we were partially out of compliance with California state law regarding certain printed information on pay stubs, and have since complied with the standards. This lawsuit specifically addressed information on pay stubs and not compensation; employees were compensated accurately.

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