Long Beach Airport’s location helps it retain passengers and flights

What’s the target market for Long Beach Airport?

According to some materials I obtained last week from the airport, it’s the 1.5 million potential passengers living within about 11 miles of the airport. Not a bad home market, especially considering the airport is about halfway between Los Angeles International Airport and John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. The demographics are strong.

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In my story about Long Beach Airport’s strengths that ran earlier this week, airport manager Mario Rodriguez said the ‘yields’ airlines get a little higher the farther south you go in the catchment area. Essentially that means that the closer you get to Orange County, the higher fares passengers are willing to pay.

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If you believe this slide, below, Long Beach officials are pleased with the stature of the airport, which is limited, by noise regulations, to 66 commercial departures daily. (Only 41 of those flights can be on relatively large airplanes, like the A320 and 737. The other 25 slots go to so-called commuter airplanes, like the CR2 and CR7. Many of those slots are unused.)

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According to Long Beach officials, the airport could probably grow slightly if noise restrictions loosened. (That’s probably a moot issue. While I haven’t been covering the airport for that long, I don’t think city council leaders are prepared to make substantive changes to the ordinance.)

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