Is it possible to save the Proud Bird restaurant?

Is a deal in the works to save the Proud Bird restaurant?

John Tallichet, the restaurant’s CEO, said it’s at least possible that the restaurant will not close on Nov. 21, as scheduled. The Proud Bird, around for roughly five decades, is in a rent dispute with its landlord, Los Angeles International Airport. Tallichet said the airport — or more specifically its operator, Los Angeles World Airports — wants to substantially raise the rent before it will grant the Proud Bird a new lease. Tallichet said the restaurant can’t afford the increase.

“Many of my employees are attending the LAWA Commission Meeting on Thursday (Nov. 14),”  Tallichet wrote in an email. “We hope that will impact the airport’s approach to extending the lease.  If it does, I don’t expect to hear from LAWA staff until late next week.  I expect to close the restaurant on the 21st, but the overall closure may be averted if LAWA presents a new lease.  I am hopeful.”

Want to support the Proud Bird? The meeting is today (Nov. 14) at 1 p.m. in the airport’s Central Administration at 1 World Way in Los Angeles. Short public comments before the board will be accepted.

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