LAX: What’s the best way to attract new routes?

How can LAX attract more airlines to the Tom Bradley International terminal? Photo by Brad Graverson.

How can LAX attract more airlines to the Tom Bradley International terminal? One consultant says the key is to let carriers take the lead. Photo by Brad Graverson.

What’s the key to attracting new routes for Los Angeles International Airport?

That was the question posed to consultant Sonjia Murray by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners at a Nov. 14 meeting. She said the airport can’t approach airlines by telling them what service Los Angeles needs so it can fill the holes in its route network. Instead, she said, airport officials must identify what each airline wants and give it to them.

We look at the ‘O & D. We look at our market sizes. We look at the market trends. We look at where we have service and where we don’t. … (But) we don’t think about well, ‘What’s good for Los Angeles?’ even though at the back of the mind, that’s always the case. We think about from the carrier’s respective. What is their strategy? Where are they growing? What does their fleet look like now and in the future? How do we fit with that ? Because when we go approach them with a business case, that’s how they will be looking at it. We are on a list. What we are are to do is influence them and move ourselves up that list. It’s very systematic.

I understand it’s not so simple, but this is probably part of the reason LAX has so much service to Europe, Asia and Australia and almost none to South America. Airlines appeared not to be convinced that LAX can work as a South American gateway.

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