LAX’s Proud Bird restaurant will stay open at least one more month

The Proud Bird will not close Thursday. L.A. News Group photo by Steve McCrank.

The Proud Bird will not close Thursday as scheduled. L.A. News Group photo by Steve McCrank.

The Proud Bird restaurant at Los Angeles International Airport will not close Thursday and will instead remain open at least one more month, company officials said Wednesday.

Regular readers know the Proud Bird is stuck in a rent dispute with landlord Los Angeles World Airports. The Proud Bird has been on a month-to-month lease for some time now, so short-term extensions are no big deal. But eventually, company president¬†John Tallichet tells me, the Proud Bird needs a new long-term lease. And there’s a big question as to how much money L.A. World Airports wants for the space.

“I am keeping the restaurant open for another month because of the overwhelming support of our guests that have been dining with us and contacting me to stay open,” Tallichet said in an email.

The two sides are expected to continue to negotiate as the restaurant remains open. And who knows? Maybe a last-minute deal can be struck.

It’s also possible this is more of a way to squeeze a little extra revenue out of the 46-year-old restaurant. Business has been very good since the Proud Bird announced it was closing in September. Customers have been coming from all over the world for a last meal. Sunday’s “last” brunch, which I featured on the front page of the newspaper, was particularly lucrative.¬†

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