Boeing will sell you a couple of 737 business class seats — for $2,000

For a mere $1,950, these two Boeing 737 seats can be yours.

For a mere $1,950, these two Boeing 737 seats can be yours. Merry Christmas?

Can’t figure out what to buy a loved one for Christmas or Hanukkah?

I believe I have solved your problem. Boeing is selling a pair of 737 business class seats for $1,950. State of the art business class seats they are not — they look more like coach to me  — but they sure would look good in your home, right?

Here’s what Boeing has to say about the seat:

Add preferred seating to your home theater, office, or family room – everyone gets an aisle seat! These are genuine Boeing 737 jetliner business-class seats that were used as demonstration models for airline customers, so they experienced only light wear; they have been cleaned and refurbished.

But, wait. There’s more!

Comfortable, cushioned seats are upholstered in heavy-duty blue leatherette. Authentic features include manual recline, contoured headrest, center console, trash/ashtray compartment in arms, and tray tables and footrests in seat backs.

Better hurry, though. Apparently it takes two weeks for Boeing to ready to shipment.

H/T to @martianbogon

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