Emirates brings its A380 to Los Angeles, North America’s super jumbo jet hub

Emirates (800x505)

Emirates is now flying its A380 to Los Angeles, giving LAX its ninth daily flight on the massive double-decker jet. The first Emirates A380 was to arrive in Los Angeles today.

LAX has by far the most daily A380 flights in the United States, a point of pride for airport officials, who have spent most of the past decade improving the airport so it can accept the super large jets. And while the A380 is not selling particularly well, a bunch of aviation experts told me last month that LAX probably will remain a A380 hub for the foreseeable future.¬†The city’s population is big enough to handle very large aircraft, they say.

The Emirates flight to Dubai is among the longest in the world. The flight from LAX is blocked at 15 hours and 50 points. From Dubai to Los Angeles, the flight is blocked at 16 hours 30 minutes.

Here are the current A380 flights from LAX:

  • Qantas (2) – Sydney, Melbourne
  • Air France (1) – Paris
  • Singapore (1) – Tokyo
  • Korean (2) – Seoul
  • China Southern (1) –¬†Guangzhou
  • British Airways (1) – London
  • Emirates (1) – Dubai
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