LAX to unveil children’s indoor playground at Tom Bradley International Terminal

LAX's Tom Bradley Interational Termina, which oepned in september, is getting a children's playground.

LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal, which opened in September, is getting a children’s playground. Staff Photo by Brad Graverson.

Hold your excitement. A children’s play area is coming to Los Angeles International Airport.

Yes, starting on Dec. 19, the Tom Bradley International Terminal is getting something airport officials are calling, “LAX Beach.” It’ll be 971 square feet and meant for children 2 to 11 years old. According to the release, this will be the vibe:

 The area is a beach-themed play space composed of soft, sculpted foam pieces resembling beachscapes like waves, surfboards, beach toys and dolphins — adding a playful, colorful extension of the Pacific Ocean influence on the New TBIT’s design.

Other  features include a slide, “interactive light table,” and something called “life savers” which children can crawl through.

Because of the way LAX is laid out, passengers will only be able to use the play area if they have a flight departing from the international terminal.

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