Video: Westjet surprised 250 passengers with Christmas gifts

If you haven’t seen this Christmas-themed video from Canadian airline WestJet and you gave a few minutes, you should probably take a look — if only to marvel at the logistics of pulling off such a feat.

WestJet started this fantastic marketing ploy at Toronto Pearson International Airport and at Hamilton International Airport, where passengers on two flights had chance to speak with “Santa” via video and ask him for presents for Christmas. Every time a passenger spoke with Santa, Westjet scanned the passenger’s boarding pass, so it knew who wanted what gift.

Then, when the flights took off for Calgary, 175 WestJet employees went to the mall and bought just about everything on the passenger’s lists. The presents were all waiting when the 250 passengers arrived in Calgary.

WestJet said it would also donate holiday gifts to needy families if the video above received more than 200,000 hits. Fear not: On Youtube it has received more than 1.6 million views.

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