LAX is on pace to be 4th busiest airport in 2013

Los Angeles International Airport is on pace to be the nation’s fourth busiest airport in 2013, according to statistics released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The airport is one of only a few big ones at which traffic has increased from last year.

Here’s the chart, which shows the number of enplaned passengers at the largest international airports from January 2013 through September 2013 and compares it to the same period the period year. The numbers are in millions.

Rank Airport Jan-Sep 2013 Enplaned Passengers Jan-Sep 2012 Enplaned Passengers Pct. Change 2012-2013
1 Atlanta 33.574 34.004 -1.3
2 Chicago O’Hare 22.319 22.602 -1.3
3 Dallas/Fort Worth 21.481 20.625 4.2
4 Los Angeles 19.417 18.942 2.5
5 Denver 18.914 19.256 -1.8
6 Charlotte 15.94 14.921 6.8
7 Phoenix 14.413 14.494 -0.6
8 San Francisco 14.079 13.99 0.6
9 Las Vegas 13.859 13.912 -0.4
10 Houston Bush 13.441 13.742 -2.2
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  • AMK

    Good for LAX. My home airport never seems to be as crowded as compared to when I was last in Chicago O’Hare. Probably 3 million reasons why LAX is ranked below ORD, and I’m fine with that. I’m kind of surprised that New York JFK isn’t in the top 10. Any idea what JFK’s numbers are, and where in the list that would place them ?

    • Brian Sumers

      Interesting question. I looked up the answer on the BTS website. It appears JFK ranks 18th in enplaned passengers.

      For the one-year period ending in September, according to BTS, about 12 million passengers departed JFK. (Note that this is actually a longer period than in the chart above.)