Employees to decide how American Airlines planes will be painted

This note appeared in an internal American Airlines newsletter.

This note appeared in an internal American Airlines newsletter.

Doug Parker, new chief executive of American Airlines Group, is asking employees whether they think American should keep its relatively new tail paint job.

The nugget, which showed up in an internal American communique to employees, was reported by the Dallas Morning News. It appears the issue is just about the tail. The rest of the re-branding will stay, no matter what. Much of the new look centers around a stylized eagle. 

The design of the old tail, still seen today on many aircraft that haven’t been painted yet, is an interlocked AA, a look American adopted in the 1960s. The new look is a stylized American flag.

American and US Airways employees will have until Jan. 2 to vote. They’ll have to chose one tail or the other. There’s no option to vote for a completely new design, which Parker said is too expensive. Here’s a link to the full employee newsletter in which the matter is discussed. 

If you could vote, what would you prefer? The new logo? Or the old one?

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