TSA opens 3 ‘Pre-Check’ centers today in L.A.

In hopes of attracting more travelers to its TSA Pre-Check program, the Transportation Security Administration will open three processing centers Wednesday in the Los Angeles area.

In exchange for going through a background check, travelers can go through expedited security at just about every major airport in the country, including Los Angeles International Airport, Long Beach Airport and Burbank Bob Hope Airport. That means you can keep your shoes on and keep your liquids and laptops in your bags.

The program is not perfect, however. For one, it costs $85. For another, there has been some grumbling that, as more people have joined the program, it has become less efficient.

Previously, the program has only be available to elite frequent fliers on major airlines. But that has recently changed. If you’re interested, you’ll want to register at this website.

This is the information I received from TSA spokesman Nico Melendez:

These three TSA Pre✓™ application centers are at pre-established U.S. government identification locations and require an appointment to complete the TSA Pre✓™ application process:

•             Carson, Calif.: Universal Enrollment Center/IdentoGO Center — 460 East Carson Plaza Drive, Suite 114

•             Glendale, Calif.: Universal Enrollment Center/IdentoGO Center — 603 South Brand Boulevard

•             Signal Hill, Calif.: Universal Enrollment Center/IdentoGO Center — 2501 East 28th Street, Suite 105

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