How much can pilots fly under new FAA rules? See the chart.

New FAA-mandated pilot rest rules went into effect on Saturday. They are the most substantive changes in decades, meant to to limit fatigue and improve safety.

One of the keys of the new rules is they fluctuate based on several factors, inducing when a day starts and the number of flight segments scheduled per day. Also, unlike the old system, pilots won’t be permitted much wiggle room. When they go illegal, they won’t be able to fly anymore — end of story. I wrote a story on the issue in Saturday’s newspaper.

An official with theĀ Air Line Pilots Association called these the most significant changes in 50 years. ALPA put together this box for pilot duty period times. In this context, an “acclimated” pilot is one who is accustomed to the time zone that he or she is in.

Pilot rest


The rules are slightly different for ultra long haul flights that carry multiple pilots, according to ALPA.


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