Can you name the airline picture here? You can win a Singapore Airlines A380 model

UPDATE: My readers continue to impress me. This is, indeed, Air Seychelles. According to the airline’s website, its entire fleet consists of two A330s and three DHC-6 Twin Otter-300s. Despite its small size, the airline has gotten a bit of notoriety in the past two years, mostly because it is now 40 percent owned by Etihad Airways, the growing Middle East carrier.

Congrats to reader Dave, our first correct guesser. He wins a Singapore Airlines A380 model.

ORIGINAL POST My fiancee would like me to get rid of the Singapore Airlines A380 model now in our kitchen. But my loss could be your gain!

The first person to name the airline pictured here will win the model plane. The only rule is that you have to live in the United States, so I can ship it to you.

If necessary, I’ll edit this post in a day or so with a hint. But my readers always amaze me. I’m sure someone will guess right.

Leave your guesses in the comments section.

Can you name the airline pictured here? Photo credit: The airline.

Can you name the airline pictured here? Photo credit: The airline.

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  • DaveSeeEl

    Air Seychelles?

  • johndekker

    I think Dave is right, Air Seychelles Airbus A340

  • Julien Tercier

    air seychelles a330-200 economy class

  • MaxMill

    The URL gives it away! It says a330 on the link posted! Air Seychelles