For an airline, what does it cost to fly between Modesto and L.A.? These slides tell us.

Sixel Consulting Group wants to bring new service between Modesto and Los Angeles.

Sixel Consulting Group wants to bring new service between Modesto and Los Angeles. But first it needs a bunch of pledges from Modesto business and residents.

Last week we profiled the small California town of Modesto, which is organizing a pledge drive, asking residents to commit to spend a certain amount on plane tickets if a new “mystery” airline starts twice daily flights to Los Angeles. 

Now, the air service consultant behind the move – Sixel Consuling Group — has unveiled a flashy new website, with a bunch of slides.

The ones I find most interesting highlight the operating cost of new service between Modesto and Los Angeles. What does it cost to operate two round-trip flights a day between the two cities? Keep reading to find out.

Modesto 1

Modesto 2

Modesto 3

Modesto 4

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  • Gary Leff

    Here’s the thing. They’re projecting this million dollar loss *at a 76% load factor*. And flagging that the loss is actually larger ‘due to drive diversion’.

    The flights folks are already taking become less profitable, and that’s not really factored into the model.

    More importantly, what’s the upside here? How does this flight eventually become profitable?

    It needs an AVERAGE load factor more than 10 points higher or higher fares, right? How does that comport with past experience for these flights….?

    Saying they need a subsidy to bridge startup periods is one thing, but there needs to be a realistic path towards sustainability.

    Of course, if that path existed the airline would probably be willing to cover those startup losses themselves!