American unveils new advertising campaign for A321T flights to New York

If you want an indication of what sort of travelers American Airlines wants to attract with its new Airbus A321 flights from Los Angeles to New York, look no further than the carrier’s advertising campaign, unveiled Wednesday.

American is proud of this new airplane, which has only 102 seats — 10 in first class, 20 in business class, 36 in premium economy and 36 in regular economy. To put this configuration in perspective, Jetblue crams 190 seats into its A321s.

To make the flights work from an economic perspective, American is going to have to sell its premium seats at high fares. And not surprisingly, the carrier seems to think it can do so by attracting L.A.’s entertainment community. Hence, the airline says, these ads will run on sites like and

American is slowly transitioning from Boeing 767 flights to New York to A321 flights. On Wednesday, five of the airline’s nine flights to New York JFK were on the A321.

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