LAX spokeswoman: It’s too early to discuss how to fund airport ground transport elements

Staff file photo.

Gina Marie Lindsey’s spokeswoman wrote this afternoon to clarify what the LAX airport director said Monday about airlines not wanting to pay for two projects important to Mayor Eric Garcetti — an Automated People Mover and a Intermodal Transportation Facility. 

Here’s what spokeswoman Katherine Alvarado wrote:

“To clarify what Gina Marie said at the Board meeting, what we know is that ‘both projects are currently in the conceptual stage and don’t yet have cost estimates associated with them so any discussion of or speculation about funding splits between the airport and the airlines would be premature.’  That’s all we have at the moment.”

As a reminder, at Monday’s meeting, Lindsey was asked by the Board of Airport Commissioners whether airlines wanted better ground transportation. She said it is not a priority for them.

“They’re non revenue,” Lindsey said. “There is no way to make money off of an APM. It’s essentially a sunk cost that you have to find other mechanisms to pay for. And they worry all the time that the mechanism to pay for them is going to be them. The way our rate structure is put together now they would not pay for all of it. But they certainly would get a share of it, and that’s where the energized conversation is going to happen.

“Both the Intermodal Transportation Center and the APM are going to be difficult conversations with airlines simply because they don’t have their own revenue stream.”

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