Colby Fire in Angeles National Forest has limited impact on L.A. aviation

As local readers know, Los Angeles has a forest fire burning in the Angeles National Forest, about 30 miles northeast of downtown L.A. As of late Thursday morning, an FAA spokesman said, there have not been any delays at any of the region’s airports. There has been, however a Temporary Flight Restriction around the fire meant to protect air crews trying to put out the blaze. It’s in effect until Jan. 19.

I was at LAX this morning, and the scene was ominous.Keep reading to see a video of a landing of a Qantas A380. Can you believe how dark it is?

A passenger on an arriving flight said in a tweet that the fire was definitely noticeable during the approach.

It certainly was a bizarre atmosphere this morning at LAX. I took the two pictures below from the same vantage point. In the top one, I was facing South. In the bottom one, I looked to the West.


At the fire, crews are using airplanes to help fight the blaze. Our staff photographer Leo Jarzomb got some great video of a “Super Scooper” airplane picking up water.

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