LAX Chief Gina Marie Lindsey was right. Airlines don’t want expensive ground transportation

Last week, I quoted LAX director Gina Marie Lindsey as saying airlines have little interest in two ground transportation projects important to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti — an intermodal transportation center and an automated people mover.

But I didn’t want to take Lindsey’s word for it. So for a story published over the weekend, I asked the airlines. Do they want these projects? Instead of responding directly, the carriers directed their trade group — Airlines 4 America — to answer for them.

And guess what? The airline’s DON’T want these projects. Lindsey was blunt — but she was also right. Here’s the quote from Airlines 4 American spokeswoman Katie Connell:

“In order to continue providing our customers with affordable air travel, airlines must evaluate the best use of their financial resources,” she said. “Transit links are capital intensive and divert revenues away from necessary airport projects.”

I still think these projects will get done in some form, but let’s not pretend everyone is on board.

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