Video: Delta’s new 1980s-themed safety video featuring Alf and Kareem

Who knew Delta Air Lines had such a sense of humor?

The carrier released a new 1980s themed safety video on Tuesday, featuring such legends as Alf (at the 3:15 mark) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (at 5:05). A can of Tab also makes an appearance, as do mullets, headbands and jean jackets.

I’m not sure how in-depth you all watch Delta’s safety videos. But you might recall that in recent videos, the airline has featured a red-headed flight attendant who waves her index finger to demonstrate that the flight is non-smoking. In the 80s version, a red-headed kid does the same finger wave. It’s pretty cute. The kid appears at around the 2:20 mark. Here she is:

Delta Air Lines kid

And here’s the same woman asĀ seen in the non-80s version of the safety video:

delta air lines adult

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