American Airlines drops flights from Los Angeles to Newark, near New York

Now that American Airlines is under new management, I imagine this is likely the first of many schedule changes we’ll see at Los Angeles International Airport. The new leaders — led by former US Airways CEO Doug Parker and former US Airways president Scott Kirby — seem to place a premium on profitable routes. Flying routes “just because we always have” doesn’t seem to matter.

United (12 flights today) and Virgin America (1 flight) still fly this route.

Question for the audience: What city will American cut next from L.A.? What city will be added?

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  • pnnext

    Cut next? AA made it pretty clear in it’s investor’s call that LAX is profitable and a place the airline will grow. Not much is being cut at LAX.

    • Brian Sumers

      I suppose ‘cut’ is not the right word. What is likely is schedule optimization. Remember, the new American management did not choose the routes that American is now serving from LAX. I expect that the new management will cut some routes and add others — all to make what is a reasonably profitable hub more profitable.