Can you guess which airline interior is pictured here? Win a prize!

UPDATE: We have a winner. The answer is, indeed, Finnair. And user JC has been randomly selected (by my editor, in a drawing) as our winner. Congratulations! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stump my readers.

It’s time for another installment of name that interior. Can you name the airline pictured here? If you can, you can win a prize.

Can you name the airline pictured here? Photo credit:  Gwydion M. Williams (Creative Commons.)

Photo credit: Gwydion M. Williams (Creative Commons.)

Please leave your guesses in the comments section. This is sort of an easy one, so instead of awarding the prize to our first correct guess, like usual, I’m going to raffle it off. Everyone who guesses right by 12 p.m. PDT¬†PST on Saturday will have a chance to win. (One caveat: I can only ship within the United States.)

I got this week’s prize at a United Airlines Olympics-themed party last week. It’s more an Olympics prize than an airline one, but I understand these pins are popular. Here it is:


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  • jc

    I’ll be the first to throw in – Finnair Economy!

  • bryan_herbert


  • dcont

    Tahiti Nui?

  • Mark

    I think Finnair as well – based on the FA uniform.

    • jc

      And partly based on the looks of the FA’s…:-)

      • Mark

        Amen to that JC.. LOL. Congrats on your pin – definitely some value there.

  • Ian

    Looks like Finnair!

  • Brian Sumers

    So many good guesses here. I love it!

  • Alvin Tse

    It definitely is Finnair – an A340-300 by the looks, and a Shanghai flight by the faces of all those people.

    I guess that was the “seat of style” back then when NZ, EI, QR, AY etc all used this seat.

  • Alvin Tse

    But I guess I’m 11 hours and 36 minutes late, sadly.