LAX is expected to settle fines assessed by TSA

I came across an unusual entry in the agenda this week for the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners closed session meeting scheduled for Wednesday. It appears the Transportation Security Administration has assessed fines on Los Angeles International Airport.

Here’s what it says:

“Transportation Security Administration Settlement of five (5) Orders assessing Civil Penalties to Los Angeles World Airports for violations at Los Angeles International Airport. [2013LAX0162; 2013LAX0170; 2013LAX0216; 2013LAX0256; 2013LAX0017].”

I’ve reached out to the TSA about what these fines might be for, but I am not optimistic I’ll receive an answer. Usually I’m told this is “security sensitive” data. The meeting in which they will be discussed in closed to the public.

Do any of my readers know why these fines were asessed? If you know and want to say anonymous, you may email me at

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  • Erik Edgerton

    The TSA is a federal Agency so you could attempt to make a FOIA request for more information.