“LAX is happening” is likely to be airport’s new slogan

Consultants have come up with the tagline, "LAX is happening." Staff photo by Brad Graverson.

Consultants have come up with the tagline, “LAX is happening” to highlight all the improvements the airport has made, such as its new international terminal. ¬†Staff photo by Brad Graverson.

A new slogan is coming to Los Angeles International Airport. “LAX is happening,” likely will be unveiled in April, according airport documents released this week. A team of outside consultants came up with it.

In a report to the city’s Board of Airport Commissioners, airport officials say they want more money (about $1.2 million worth) for contracts for three firms involved in outside public relations — Phelps, Ad Ease, and Nothing Films. This is on top of the more than $1 million the firms were appropriated last year.

It appears the firms have two main goals. One is to persuade travelers that LAX is improving. The other is to tell passengers there will be some growing pains as the airport invests billions of dollars in infrastructure.

Here’s what airport staff say about the “LAX is happening” slogan.

The team has developed the campaign concept “LAX Is Happening”, scheduled to launch in April 2014. The premise behind the campaign is to elevate the LAX modernization campaign and make it work long term. Although it is simple, it works harder than a traditional “Pardon Our Dust” message because it not only speaks to things currently happening at LAX impacting travelers (change, construction, traffic), but also to elements already developed that are positive examples of our efforts (such as the New Tom Bradley International Terminal and the new concessions already open to the public).

What do you think of the slogan? Could you come up with something better?

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  • Alvin Tse

    Not keen. Why not “The new LAX is here”?

  • knp

    Not my favorite slogan. I hope they work on a better website-the current one looks antiquated.