Video: Watch as United Airlines adds Wifi to an A319 aircraft

United Airlines is taking a lot of flack from frequent fliers from what some say is an excruciatingly long roll-out for its fleet-wide WiFi. (You can find out which planes have it already installed on the United Airlines fleet wiki page.)

But installing WiFi on aircraft is not as simple as it is at home. United released a movie last week showing all the steps it takes to add it to a A319 aircraft. Watch as crews overhaul N832UA. Yes, it’s sort of an advertisement for United — you’ll have to deal with the Rhapsody in Blue music — but it’s interesting.

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  • mavcable

    …but they end the video by showing N428UA – which is an A320. Non-airplane nuts won’t notice the difference. :)

    • Brian Sumers

      You can never fool an #avgeek!