More on United Airlines new flights from Los Angeles to Melbourne

United will fly between Los Angeles and Melbourne. Photo: United.

United will fly between Los Angeles and Melbourne. Photo: United.

United Airlines on Thursday confirmed it will begin flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia on Oct 26, six times per week using Boeing 787-9s. Some highlights from the press release.

  • This will be the first regular scheduled flight for United’s 787-9s. The Boeing 787s the airline is now using on L.A.-Shanghai and L.A-Tokyo are 787-8s. What’s the difference? Well, according to Boeing, the 787-9 is bigger. The newer version also has slightly longer range — 8,185 nautical miles, according to Boeing.
  • The flight to Melbourne will not operate on Tuesday, traditionally a slow day for some business travel. The return flight does not operate on Thursdays.
  • United says flights will take about 15 hours, 45 minutes westbound, and 14 hours, 35 minutes eastbound.
  • United now flies a short flight between Melbourne and Sydney — what’s known in industry terms as a tag. United will no longer fly that route.
  •  The 787-9 will have 252 seats – 48 in business class and 204 in Economy. Included in that economy total is 63 premium economy seats. (The 787-8 has 219 seats.)
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  • Ian

    Does this mean United is pulling it’s 747 service from LAX entirely? That’s too bad. I took that flight to Melbourne, the tag, it was odd because the plane was not even a third full.

    • Brian Sumers

      Yes, United will no longer fly the 747 from LAX. #endofanera. Also, United won’t fly the 747 to Australia as both the San Francisco and Los Angeles flights to Sydney are switching to 777.

      • Ian

        Shoot, that’s too bad. Do you know where those birds will go? Dare it be retirement? Great article on flyertalk the other day, loved the quote: “Those who get it, get it. Those who don’t, don’t.” Sums it up perfectly.

  • Jeff Lucena

    Anyone have issues with booking seats with this airline,???