Trivia… How well do you know Virgin America’s route network? Win a prize!

Virgin America wants to add flights in Dallas. Photo: Virgin America.

Virgin America wants to add flights in Dallas. Photo: Virgin America.

As we reported Wednesday, Virgin America wants to open a focus city at Dallas Love Field, from which it would fly to Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C., as well as to its hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This is a a bit of a strategic change. Since Virgin was launched in 2007, the overwhelmingly number of its flights have either started or ended in the airline’s San Francisco or Los Angeles hubs.

Related to this, I have some trivia. For now, according to a Virgin spokesman, the airline has only two routes that do not either start or end in San Francisco or L.A. California. One route is seasonal, and the other year-round.

What are these routes? Surely this information is on the internet, but try not to cheat.

Until noon PST on Saturday, leave your guesses in the comments section.  I’ll take all the correct answers and randomly choose a winner. I’ll ship the winner this week’s prize, though I can only send stuff to U.S. addresses.

Here’s the prize, which comes courtesy of another airline. Remarkably, these things are popular on Ebay.

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  • Harrison

    Best I can remember, there’s only one route that doesn’t touch California that Virgin has ever flown, and that’s JFK-LAS. They do fly a JFK-PSP seasonally that doesn’t touch their SFO/LAX hubs, but that’s still in California.

  • Brian Sumers

    Hi Readers — I definitely had a brain freeze here. In paragraph three, I meant to ask the two routes that neither touch San Francisco nor Los Angeles. It is OK if these routes touch California, so Harrison’s guess is perfectly on the mark. The flights just can’t either land or depart from L.A. or SF.

    Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for guessing!

  • Vinay Bhaskara

    JFK-LAS and JFK-PSP (seasonal)

  • Ben G

    JFK-LAS year round
    JFK-PSP seasonally

  • Mark

    Harrison is correct. JFK-LAS and the JFK-PSP seasonal winter flights on Saturdays. I suspect they may not come back next season given weak load factors but I hope so. They are a fun airline to fly.

  • BrianKal

    JFK-LAS and JFK-PSP!

  • Rick Delgado


  • Jonathan L

    JFK-LAS + JFK-PSP seasonally

  • Alvin Tse

    Everyone’s right. They’re the New York JFK – Las Vegas LAS and the New York JFK – Palm Springs PSP. The latter is seasonal, and it only runs on a Sunday.