Spirit Airlines will give extra frequent flier miles to most frugal customers

Spirit is poking fun at Delta Air Lines. Photo: Spirit.

Spirit is poking fun at Delta Air Lines. Photo: Spirit.

Spirit Airlines is having some fun at the expense of its much larger rivals.

In a bit of gorilla marketing on Monday, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based airline said  it will temporarily give bonus frequent flier miles to passengers who book the cheapest fares.

If you book a one-way fare for fewer than $36, you’ll receive 1,000 bonus miles from Spirit. If the fare is between $26 and $65, you’ll get an extra 500 miles. And if your fare is between $66 and $99, you’ll receive an additional 250 miles.

Last month, Delta Air Lines revamped its Skymiles structure so that customers who buy expensive tickets will receive far more miles than those who buy cheap ones. Other larger airlines are also moving in this direction, though not as quickly.

“We see an increasing trend in other airlines switching to an elitist frequent flier reward system that essentially favors customers who have deeper wallets and can spend more money on their flights,” Bobby Schroeter, Vice President of Consumer Marketing said in a statement. “Our FREE SPIRIT program rewards customers based on their loyalty and we
firmly believe that the more money we save our customers, the more loyal they will be.”

Customers who buy Spirit tickets before April 15 will be eligible for the promotion.

Spirit is known for two things. Cheap fares and suspect customer service. NPR’s Planet Money program did a feature on Spirit recently, and it’s worth a listen if you haven’t yet heard it.

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