I’m visiting Jetblue Airways HQ on Friday. What do you want to know?

Have any questions for Jetblue? File photo.

Have any questions for Jetblue? File photo.

Devoted readers: I’ll be visiting Jetblue’s headquarters in Long Island City, New York on Friday. I’m not entirely sure what the airline has planned for me. But do you have question for Jetblue?

If it’s a good one, I’ll do my best to learn the answer during my visit.

Leave your suggested questions in the comments section?

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  • PST-Andy

    Very cool opportunity! Looking forward to pics, and the scoop.
    Wonder if they have any plans to rennovate or expand their operations/hub at LAX to be on par with LGB.

  • Brian Sumers

    Hi Andy — Thanks so much for the question. I’ll definitely ask.

  • Chase

    I’d ask what caused the break in relationship between B6 and AA from B6’s perspective.