Photo: An UberX driver shares a citation he received at LAX

Earlier today, I wrote about one UberX driver who reported that Los Angeles International Airport police were taking an especially tough line today against ride-sharing drivers. Airport police disputed that assertion, with a spokeswoman telling me that there was no heightened enforcement today. She said that LAX police always enforce traffic laws and that drivers, such as my source, know they must have valid commercial insurance to make airport drop-offs and pickups.

The driver sent me a scanned version of the ticket he received. I have redacted his identifying information and the information on his passenger. But here’s what he got cited for:

LAXPD CitationThis is just another notice that if you use UberX or Lyft or any similar service to go to or from LAX, you need to understand your driver might be cited. Airport police officers have taken a much harsher stance against ride-sharing drivers than the LAPD. If your driver is cited, you won’t be in any trouble, but it will cause a slight hiccup in your travel day .

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  • Steve Walker

    So Brian was he dropping off? As Uber has modified it’s app so UberX cannot even get pick ups in LAX. Are they enforcing the drop off’s as well?

  • Brian Sumers

    Steve — My understanding is that the driver here was dropping off. Technically, the airport administration says drop-offs are legal. However, airport police want to see a certain amount of commercial insurance from drivers making the drop-offs. And it is my understand that very few drivers have the proper paperwork.

    • Steve Walker

      So really it is just illegal to be on LAX grounds without commercial insurance if you are doing business. But if you are properly commercially insured you can drop off without registering as a for hire vehicle with the airport. Which does not make much scene as if you bought the commercial insurance you may as well go one small step more and get legal to pick up there. Thanks for keeping us drivers updated Brian!