American has no plans to ‘bank’ its LAX schedule

American Airlines will keep LAX as a"rolling" hub. Photo credit: American.

American Airlines will keep LAX as a”rolling” hub. Photo credit: American.

American Airlines has no plans to ‘bank’ its Los Angeles International Airport hub, an airline spokesman told me today.

I asked in light of my post this morning about American’s plans to switch its schedule in Miami to a ‘bank’ system. Starting in August, most American flights in Miami will arrive at the airport at just about the same time. Then, those planes will leave at right around the same time. The goal of such a schedule is to maximize connections. Each set of arrivals and departures during the day is called a “bank.”

American has said it will unveil banked schedules at many of its hubs. But for now, that does not include Los Angeles, airline spokesman Andrew Christie told me. “We have no plans to bank LAX at this time.”

This means LAX remains a ‘rolling’ hub. As we discussed earlier today, this means that the LAX schedule is more or less random. Flights arrive and depart at all hours of the day. Passengers can still make connections, but the entire schedule is not designed to facilitate them.

I trust you’ll all enjoy telling your cocktail party friends this weekend about the difference between ‘banked’ and ‘rolling hubs.’ #themoreyouknow

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  • Skylor

    The same will be with JFK. They are focusing LAX and JFK on the same kinds of markets. Locals being sent directly to where they want to go and bringing in international passengers into the two major cities they visit. LAX domestic connection hub will be PHX, and JFK connection hub will be a mix of LGA and PHL.

  • Chase

    This makes sense to me. LAX is just not a connection market the way AAs other hubs are. LAX should be focused on O&D with the spattering of connection possibilities here and there. Mainly due to the constraints that exist with the LAX operation.