A picture of the grenade brought to LAX on Tuesday

Washington, D.C.-based TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein on Friday tweeted out a picture of the World War II-era grenade found Friday by screeners at Los Angeles International Airport.

As readers know, a Stanford University has been charged with a felony, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

This is what the grenade looked like. It was later blown up by the LAPD bomb squad.


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In jet blast incident, an American 737 damages a Delta 777

Jet blast from an American Airlines jet dislodged some construction barriers Thursday night at Los Angeles International Airport, causing them to strike an engine of a nearby Delta Air Lines Boeing 777, airport officials told me Friday.

“Last night at approximately 10:20 p.m. jet blast from an American Airlines engine caused some construction barricades to be pushed toward a Delta 777,” LAX spokeswoman Amanda Parson said in an email. “The barricades struck underneath the 777’s left engine.”

Delta canceled its 10:10 p.m. flight to Sydney, Australia due to “…damage to the aircraft engine cowling,” Parsons said. The Delta plane was parked at Gate 57 in Terminal 5.

The plane that caused the jet blast was American flight 2415 from Miami. It was a Boeing 737-800 and it parked at Terminal 4, Gate 46B. That gate is across an alleyway from Delta’s terminal.

Parsons said the incident is under investigation.

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LAX details upcoming road closures. Expect traffic.

There will be traffic at LAX. Photo: Los Angeles World Airports.

There will be traffic at LAX. Photo: Los Angeles World Airports.

Los Angeles International Airport would like you to know it is currently a mess.

It put out a press release this week detailing construction impacts to roadways. I’m afraid you might get caught in some traffic, especially if you use the airport during off hours.

Here’s what the release says, as far as road closures:

  • “Every night, short portions of Lane 4 (the inner lane) on the Lower/Arrivals Level Roadway will be shut down in front of pre-selected terminals, two at a time, from May 27 to June 24, from 1 am to 8 am, for Ground Penetrating Radar exploration.”
  • “North Center Way between Theme Way (the street near Parking Structure 2A) and East Way will be closed from 12 am to 11 am Monday through Friday, and from 6 am to 4:30 pm Saturday as needed, as part of the Center Way widening effort. This closure is ongoing through August 29.”
  • “The northbound portion of East Way, as well as part of one lane of southbound East Way, will be closed from World Way North to World Way South from May 27 to September 5, 12 am to 3 pm, for roadway improvements related to the Center Way Widening project.”

There will also be sidewalk closures, according to the release:

  • “Terminal 7’s lower level sidewalk and median will be closed for work on curbside escalators. Pedestrians will be rerouted from June 2 to August 8.”
  • “The sidewalks along Center Way North will be closed between the Central Utility Plant and East Way, and along East Way for the Center Way Widening effort.”
  • “There will be periodic and intermittent partial sidewalk closures outside TBIT on the Upper/Departures Level. Closures are expected to occur from 12 midnight to 9 am and from 4 am to 2:30 pm through July 14.”
  • “Portions of the sidewalk in and around Terminal 1 and Parking Structure 1 through July 3, 2014, and at Terminal 7 and Parking Structure 7 from June 2, 2014 to August 8, 2014 will be temporarily closed during non-peak hours.”

Good luck navigating this stuff, everyone!

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Virgin America plans minor renovation of LAX Terminal 3

Virgin America and Los Angeles World Airports are planning a small-scale renovation of the carrier’s Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport, records show.

Virgin plans to grow from six gates to eight, according to a report shared recently with the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners. Virgin’s new lease will be for $30,255,000 and cover a five-year period. The airline will receive 42,913 square feet of space.

Virgin will make about $20 million of improvements to the space, and the landlord, Los Angeles World Airports, will eventually pay the airline back for most of the cost. This is standard practice at LAX.

I wouldn’t call this a major overhaul. Here are the plans, taken directly from the airport board report.

Virgin Renovations – include branded improvements, unique to Virgin’s operational needs, such that it is not reasonable to assume that another airline could use the improvement without modification. The Virgin Renovations are estimated to cost $610,000 and will be solely Virgin’s responsibility.

Non-Proprietary Airline Renovations – include non-proprietary improvements to Terminal 3 that are usable by any airline operating in Terminal 3 and located in parts of Terminal 3 classified as “airline areas”, including a proportionate share of building improvements allocated to “airline areas” of the terminal. The Terminal 3 Airline Renovations are estimated to cost $13,752,000 which LAWA will purchase upon completion of renovation components.

Terminal Renovations – include improvements that are allocated to the “public areas” of Terminal 3 that are being implemented during the course of the overall project including a proportionate share of building improvements allocated to “public areas” of the terminal. Terminal 3 Renovations are estimated to cost $4,973,033. The Terminal Renovations will be acquired by rent credits to Virgin over the term of the Lease, including annualized accrued interest on the outstanding principal for the value of such improvements at a total cost not to exceed $5,386,000.

This pretty minor stuff in comparison to United, which is receiving $400 million in upgrades, and Southwest, which is getting a $500 million plus overhaul.

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